Charlie’s Seafood Market is a locally owned business dedicated to supplying only the highest quality fresh and frozen seafood and the best service since 1985.

We also have over 30 varieties of sushi made fresh daily ready for takeout.

Why our products are better than the Super Market's:

  1.  Most importantly, We Care!!!

    Our staff is specially trained on how to handle fresh and frozen seafood products, that’s all they do. Think of it this way, at a Super Market someone could pick up a fillet of “fresh” fish that may have been sitting on the shelf for up to 7 days, place it in their cart and continue shopping. They do the rest of their shopping for the next hour while the fish has been sitting in the cart (at room temperature) and then they decide to put it back. Even worse they leave it on a shelf and the staff puts it back and the next person buys it think it is fresh. This could not and would not ever happen at Charlie’s Seafood Market.

  2. Fresh Produce in Stock

    We have fresh seafood brought in 4 – 5 days a week compared to the Super Market that brings it in once a week at best. Our turnover is high so our customers only get the best quality product.

  3. Our fresh products never leaves the ice.

    Our fresh products stay on ice all day and night in our special temperature controlled display and storage coolers to keep quality at its peak. Frozen products are vacuum sealed to keep them at their freshest so our customers can keep them in their home freezers for up to six months and still maintain freshness.

  4. The Biggest Selection

    Charlie’s Seafood Market has the biggest selection of fresh and frozen seafood products in Saskatchewan. If we don’t have it we can probably bring it in.

  5. We give back to the community!

    Charlie’s Seafood Market is a proud sponsor of local event and children’s sports in Saskatoon.